Zingano Calls For Long-Awaited Title Shot At Cris Cyborg


“I’m happy with the performance,” Zingano told MMA Junkie after the fight. “I feel like I was very dominant. I get (to top position on the canvas) a lot and I stay there a lot, and I feel like I cause a lot of damage. It’s a very comfortable, happy place for me. I feel like I want to be doing more.”

“I do (think I should get a title shot),” Zingano said. “I feel like I’ve done a good job moving up the ranks in Bellator and getting the experience. The environment is here. Me and Cyborg are here. We’ve both been talking about each other for quite a while. Putting it together obviously makes a lot of sense.

“I think we have very different styles, and different styles make awesome matchups. I think that’s cool and I think it’ll be interesting. We’re both OGs and we both came from training in the same kind of hard-knocks environments to come up and still figuring it out and making it happen.”


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