Whittaker: I’m Not Friends With Darren Till


Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker says he is not friends with his July 25 opponent, Darren Till, or anyone else in the division. Whittaker is focused on “crushing” the Englishman on ‘Fight Island’ to re-establish himself as a serious player in the 185lb weight class.

“Honestly, it’s the same as it’s always been. It’s cool how it’s a different approach, but I’m not really thinking about whether Darren’s a cool guy or not. Before the fight was lined up it was cool to just josh back and forth, have a bit of fun with it, try to make some interest for the fight, but once we kind of knew we were fighting, I don’t really care what sort of person he is. It’s just one of those things where all I’m focusing on now is just focusing on crushing him.”

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