Vettori to Adesanya: ‘I’m going to be your worst f**king nightmare’ until the day you retire

Vettori to Adesanya:

“It’s just so nice to prove this guy wrong,” Vettori said about Adesanya when speaking to MMA Fighting on Tuesday. “To kind of show him I’m right back in his face. I’m right here, motherf**ker. Just look in my eyes. I’m going to be your worst f**king nightmare until the day you f**king retire. That’s what it is.

“I’m sure he’s feeling it. He didn’t say nothing but he’s feeling the pressure. There’s nobody that’s coming out with such an overwhelming force in this division. With such hunger and will to become the champion. There’s nobody like this. He’s definitely feeling it. If I had to defend the belt against me, I would not feel calm, relaxed. I’d be feeling pretty stressed. I feel like he’s feeling that way, too.”


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