Vadim Finkelchtein : “People are forced to sit at home.

M-1 Global posted an interview with founder Vadim Finkelchtein, who explained that he wanted to fill a void in the sports world left after the coronavirus pandemic, and to take advantage of the pivot towards online content in the arts and entertainment industries.

“You all know what the situation is now in the country and in the world,” Finkelchtein said. “People are forced to sit at home. In the field of music and art, online concerts and performances have gained popularity, for art lovers there is a large selection of such broadcasts, but for sports lovers there is nothing at all. We can see from the comments how boys who are not interested in concerts missed out on sporting events. Gyms are closed, even street sports are banned. That’s it for the sports audience, so we decided to make a gift and hold a closed online tournament.”

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