Uvais Bisayev:Respect each other and help people in need,maybe world will be little better place for us.

In an extraordinary honour for me that I did an interview with the man of good heart and great fighter… Just for you Uvais Bisayev!
Hello Uvais thank you for your time .
When you are started with martial arts?
Hello Milan, First I would like you to thanks for interview.
In Ireland I did stand up sports like K-1 and Thai Boxing for almost 7 years, I was ranked ones best stand up fighter after they offer me MMA fighte best Thai Boxer vs Best MMA fighter Conor McGregor, that did not happen after than later on I had mma fight and won, that how it start with mma !!
In 2014 you established the Bisayev Muay Thai. Can you tell us more about the club, who is it intended for?
One of our student Magomed called it BISAYEV MUAY THAI and from that we start using BMT. NOW we Have MMA RESPECT team, some people have misconceptions thinking its only for Chechen youth we open for every body and we have lots of different nationalities aswel. We all train together like one family to be good and stay away from bad thinks. Every equal in gym and respect each other.

You are active in many humanitarian projects . Tell us more about it.
We do some charity activities in street helping old people , in Refugee centers, providing free training hours in youth centers etc, We think its important to help each other to build bridges and make world better.
And now you become a president of WMO Austria can you tell us more please ?
My good friend Mike from Ireland ask me to join WMO as they want representative in Austria, I accept offer. WMO is Organization from England
Which fight you remember best ?
I think most difficult was MuaiThai Irish Title Fight 5 rounds of war with my friend Brianfrom Cork, because that was first time My fight last 5 Rounds.
When we meet you always emanate positive energy. Are there moments when you are in a bad mood at all?
I think to have good friends is important in life, it makes life easier and they always support you and respect is big role between people.
You won many championships, which is the title you are most proud of?
I think “IrishMuayThai Title” and K-1MAX Title.

Which is the victory in your career that you treasure the most?
For me all fights are important and respect to all opponents, so I would say all .
What is your life motto?
I would say mother and father my faith and friends.

Many people think that martial arts is not a sport at all, but violence. What is your message to those people?
In some cases it can be because to much money involved. But in general its self educational, discipline, respect, hard work to achieve goal.
What are your goals and wishes in your life?
Just to live good life do as much as posible good deeds helping anybody who needs it.
You are an inspiration to many young people, only starting out in K1. What’s your advice to all young fighters?
My advise would be in 3 A. Find good trainer B. Listen him and respect him C.Work hard no exuses If you can do this you allready step to next level.
If you look back on your career, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
There are always thinkg you could change, maybe would join MMA early But its past so no regrets and live in reality and achive goals.
How do you see yourself in 10 years – will you still train the younger generations or will you do something else?
Dont know But I am patient about sports, would love to train other fighters.

You travel around the world a lot. Can you share some anectdoe from your travels?
In Russia we have saying: There are 2 reasons to miss training Died or Got sick and Died So no exuses ))
Your message to the people of the world ?
Respect each other and help people in need. Maybe World will be little better place for us.
Thank you for your time Uvais and all the best in life !


Milan Krušič


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