Tyron Woodley: ‘I’m in a violent headspace


Woodley has been out of the cage for so long, he realizes that fans might not remember what a dominant champion he was or the type of pace he could maintain.

He’s ready to remind them.

“When we get in there in the octagon, the performance I put on is going to be crazy. I’m gonna be talking s–t to him, I’m gonna be pushing him in the face, I’m gonna be punching him, I’m going to deny every takedown, every scramble, and I’m gonna leave him out there and it’s gonna be like, ‘F—, why did the UFC match him up with this dude? That’s a mismatch. That isn’t even fair.’ People are gonna feel bad for him,” Woodley promised.

“People only remember you for your last outing and it’s been so long ago, it’s time to remind them.”

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