Silva has ‘lots’ of offers in boxing


Anderson Silva’s boxing career is seemingly far from being a one-and-done kind of venture. After beating former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. via split decision, the ‘Spider’ might be well on his way to more fights in the ring, at least according to his coach Luiz Dorea.

“We have lots of proposals. We had some before the win and now we have others. For now, Anderson wants to rest, then he will see what he’s going to do. He will still bring us a lot of joy in boxing. He’s excited. There’s this wonderful energy. He’s so happy. He made Chavez look small.”

“I was really happy, but not surprised.” Dorea continued. “I’ve been working with Anderson for 18 years. His skills are above average. I’ve had Anderson fight professional boxing matches in Bahia (Dorea’s home state in Brazil). He won by knockout. He’s well-rounded, but his boxing is above average.”


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