Sijara Eubanks Accused Of Domestic Violence


Late last week, Ruiz cried out for help to get out of the situation and exposed her former partner. She is believed to have accessed Eubanks’ Twitter account and released the following statement:

“This is Sijara Eubanks beating on her ex-girlfriend @lilly__ru that she mentions on her IG… she beat her for years now and she is bullying her and keeping all her belongings.”

During this time, Ruiz released video evidence filmed from her phone of an aggressive Eubanks striking her repeatedly, muttering insults and growling at her.

“For the last 5 years I have been in an abusive relationship.” stated Eubanks on Instagram. “I have never said anything before because of my appearance and career, no one ever believed me. No one ever believed that someone like me could be a victim. So for years, I suffered emotion verbal and sometimes physical abuse at the hands of my now ex partner. I suffered in silence and often still managed a smile in public and still a decent professional career despite the trauma I faced at home.”



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