Roland Aicher : Together and not against each other!

In the last interview Fight-Madness spoke with one of the most famous cutmen around, but this time we give you his European counterpart, an enthusiast, man of many talents, and above all, a warm person. Ladies and gentlemen, Fight-Madness gives you Roland Aicher, aka CUTMAN ROLANDUS.

Hello Roland, for starters, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello Fight Madness readers i am Roland Aicher cutman from Salzburg and I have also my own practice, named Magic Balance, for therapist massage, chiropractic and several other helpful therapeutic techniques. Beside I´m working as a Personal Trainer – R.A.P.T. Elite Fitness and support fighters during national and international MMA-Events as a member ofthe International Cutman Association(ICA).


Who inspired you to become a cutman?
A local MMA-Event-Organizer made the contact with an ICA-Member from Germany – Mr. Michael Schmidt. He held an cutman workshop in my hometown Salzburg/Austria, where I could learn the basics about/around this business.
Who is the best cutman in your opinion, and who’s you inspiration?
Mr. Jacob „STITCH“ Duran – who is the Nr. 1 for me overseas.
You are friends with Jacob Duran. How did you meet him?
In this time, when I got the opportunity to attend at the Handwrapping-Championship in Köln/Germany – at the FIBO 2014. During this time at the FIBO I had the chance to have an intensive contact with the legendary cutman Jacob „STITCH“ Duran, who is an real awesome dude in and outside the cage.


Describe yourself in three words?
Perfection, strength of purpose, extreme compliance
You come from Austria. Can you tell us a little more about AustrianMMA scene ?
The Ettl-Bros. from Graz/Austria are the pioneers in Austria for MMA-Training and Events. The have national and international experience in this business (MMA-Events & MMA-Trainings). In our region (Salzburg) we have some different groups, but no common fighting scene. Some interesting groups we have in Vienna(Gym 23), Linz (Happy Fight) and Tyrol (Kaiser-Gym) too.

What can you tell us about your fighters?
I just try to find some new young gifted fighters and support them to develope enough skills in ordert to get into the cage for their very first time.

Many people think that martial arts are not a sport at all, but violence. What is your message to those people?
MMA-Fighters are modern gladiators, who try to figure out in a man to man fighting-contest, who is the better one. Same rules for both athletes are accurately defined before (in and outside the cage). The sporty competition is the main target in this game and not to destroy or extremely damage each other. Our job as a cutman is – to monitor the fighters during the fight from the perspective of health protection – in order to be able to give a hand as efficient as possible in case of upcoming injuries.

What is your life motto?
Permanently advancement, no stagnation, enjoy lifetime
What are the cutman’s preparations before the fight like?
Prepare enough amount of dressing material, swabs, enough ice, one way gloves, hemostatic medication and so on …

You are a huge animal lover. What’s your opinion on dog fights?
This is an absolute NO-GO!

You’ve been a cutman for how many yeats now? Do you remember your first cutman experience?
It was 2014 – as I mentioned at the beginning – the important thing is, how often you practice as a cutman in and outside the cage, because you´ve to develop your skills as much as you can!
My first experience as a cutman was at a local MMA-Event in Salzburg/Austria.

You worked in many organizations. Which gave you the fondest memories?
Every single organization is unique – I just try to find out the positive and negative sides and aspects from each to progress on my way of development as a professional.

What’s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?
Doesn`t matter if pro or amateur – the organizations should assure that all necessary steps are done for the athletes to avoid serious health problems in general. PED`s are prohibited – so just think about!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I´m basically open for everything crossing my way in life.
MMA aside, do you do any other sports?
Muay Thai, functional training

What can you tell us about R.A.P.T.?
It simply means Roland Aicher Personal Training and in the same way it has the meaning of the english word „rapt“ (enthusiasm, tensity).


What’s the purpose of R.A.P.T.?
Fitness training is no excursion – in my training sessions you have to sweat, to push oneself. You will be exhausted, but not overstrained – and you are allowed to swear! After I´ve found out the current fitness level of my client, we together define the expected goal(s).

What kind of a man is Roland Aicher in private?
I do not endure any deadlock in life!
What do you do in your free time?
I love to share and enjoy my free time with my female companion in life and my lovely dog „Pepper“.

Your message to fans and friends?
Together and not against each other! Unity! We are all together sharing mother earth with all her beauty!

Thank you for your time and all the best in future !!!

Milan Krušič

Pics credits Roland Aichner personal archive



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