Ramzan Kadyrov :“Khabib is a good athlete, but he is a UFC project,”


“Khabib is a good athlete, but he is a UFC project,” Kadyrov said during the Instagram live chat. “He is 100 percent a project because they have a good relationship with Dana White. If someone misses a fight, they are immediately removed from the rating, and Khabib has never been removed from the rating. And he also knows that he is a UFC project. If it is not a project, then I have never seen our brother Khabib perform with the flag of the Russian Federation, the flag of Dagestan. Therefore, clearly knowing what he was doing, he became a champion, while not making mistakes. The fact remains – he is a UFC project. I think so, and I think he will also agree.”

Kadyrov concluded his rant by offering to pay Nurmaogmedov “any fee [he desires]” to fight in his Akhmat MMA promotion.

“I am ready to pay Khabib any fee if he performs at Akhmat,” Kadyrov explained. “I am ready to give any money and see if he breaks anyone in Akhmat. I am ready to pay him more than in the UFC if he fights in Akhmat against one of our fighters. Let’s see who will win it.”

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