Ponzinibbio to Canelo Alvarez for ‘threatening’ Lionel Messi: ‘You mess with Messi, you mess with entire Argentina’


It all started after a video showed Messi celebrating the victory in the locker room with the whole team, with Alvarez taking offense of the Mexico jersey being on the floor. The boxer tweeted that Messi, who scored the first goal of the match, was “cleaning the floor with our flag.”

“I was pissed,” Ponzinibbio told MMA Fighting. “No point threatening Messi. Everybody knows Messi’s career. If [Alvarez] doesn’t know he shouldn’t say a thing. It’s normal for players to throw jerseys on the ground, they are all sweaty, but he didn’t do anything disrespectful. Everybody that knows Messi knows he’s an impeccable athlete and a very respectful person.”
“[Messi] had an excellent match,” Ponzinibbio continued. “I was upset. Brother, if you want to fight, I’m ready, but leave Messi be. You mess with Messi, you mess with the entire Argentina. Don’t bother the kid.”

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