Pimblett put Nurmagomedov on blast


Pimblett put Nurmagomedov on blast after the former UFC lightweight champion disrespected Mike Tyson as a guest on ‘Iron Mike’s’ Hotboxin’ podcast.

Oh, and he also thinks Khabib has the worst fanbase in the world — yes, even worse than Team McGregor.

“Yeah, it’s just an opinion, lad,” Pimblett said during an interview with Submission Radio (h/t Low Kick MMA). “The way that I explained it is, opinions are like arseholes — everyone’s got one. So, you’ve just got to get on with it, haven’t ye? Like, the Khabib (Nurmagomedov) fans online are worse than the Conor (McGregor) fans now. It’s embarrassing. You can’t say a bad word about him. I said that he’s not the GOAT, but said that he is the 155 GOAT, and people took no notice of that just, ‘Oh, you said he’s not the GOAT, this and that’. I started getting called a Muslim hater because I said he wasn’t the greatest of all time. And he’s not. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s not the GOAT. You’ve got to have longevity in this sport to be the GOAT, and he hasn’t had longevity. He had three title defenses. Jon Jones has had what, 12?”




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