PFL CEO wants to cross-promote with Bellator to make Harrison vs. Cyborg


The PFL hasn’t given up on booking Harrison vs. Cyborg, however. PFL CEO Peter Murray still wants to make the fight happen via cross-promotion.

“We’re proponents of that,” Murray said Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “We’ve been out there and Kayla wants that fight. We believe Cris wants that fight, and if we could make it happen between the two organizations, the PFL and Bellator, as a cross-promotion and joint event, which we’re still open to, we’ll take another path to see if we can put that together.”

Murray believes the promotion’s fourth season will present new challenges that could test Harrison.

“[Harrison vs. Cyborg is] one compelling fight, but there are others for Kayla,” he said. “This season will be her toughest season yet with our format and then longer-term, we have some opportunities to put on big fights with Kayla on pay-per-view.”

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