Ngannou : I also want ‘mega-pay’ for a ‘mega-fight’

Ngannou :

“I believe that Jon Jones wants this fight,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports. “I believe he wants it to happen because it’s gonna be a massive fight, a mega-fight. Basically, one of the biggest. I mean, he’s been around so long, been the champ for a very long time. But I think this might be the biggest fight of his career. (Same as) mine.
“As far as the numeration, yeah, he’s asking for money. He said, ‘Show me the money.’ But I think he makes sense. I think (for) a mega-fight, everyone likes to have a mega pay. (So do I). I want that fight, I would like to have a good pay. And every other fighter out there would like that.”




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