Nebil Sebai : I miss teaching and my students

Hello Nebil

How does the Covid 19 situation affect you and how do you deal with it?
Unfortunately i had to Cancel 3Events, 2 in Vienna and 1 in Kufstein !we are also not able to train and teach until we don’t know how long .

Many have adjusted their training, how did you attune your activities?
Personally i’m just getting Fat right now ! i have sole old injuries so i use this break to heal
What is your day in self-isolation like?
I’m using the Free Time to learn new things and spend time with my Kids.
What does this hiatus from competition mean to you?
All i can say is i miss Teaching and my Students and i’m missing the Event Preparations i promise our Austrian FC Fans that we will put on the Best Fightcard ever as soon as this Shit is over

Still, it seems that some don’t take the situation seriously enough?
Indeed some don’t take it serious but i don’t blame them, maybe they are right and we are wrong!
Thank you for this conversation and good luck.
Milan Krušič

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