Nebil Sebai : Help others but don’t expect nothing back !

Hello Nebil,
We’ve known each other for 10 years so I think it is about time I did an interview with you.
Yes it’s time you did interview with everyone but me ….

When and where did you first meet martial arts?
I started training Martial Arts at the age of 6 back in my Country in Tunisia .
Which martial arts did you practise and where did you fight?
I Started with Shotokan Karate then moved with 16 to american Kickboxing and Savaté (french boxing)
Do you remember how it all began for you, your first fight?
Yes i remember well it was a Karate tournament and i was 12, my opponent was much bigger and we didn’t use gloves back in the day ! He hit me so hard in the Stomach i couldn’t breath anymore.
When did you decide to call it a day, and why?
I did stupid stuff as a Kid and broke my Hands and Ribs many Times ! At the end After every competition i was out with broken Ribs or a Broken hand so i stopped competing.
What are you biggest achievements as a competitor?
I’m a National champion in Karate and Amateur Kickboxing.
Your origins can be traced back to Tunisia, but you reside in Austria. Why live so far from the motherland?
I’ve been on the road since my 19th birthday and when i came first time to Austria i fell in Love with Vienna and Alma, now my Wife.
Tunisia is known for its exquisite cuisine. Which is your favourite dish?
I Love Pasta it’s not really Tunisian but we eat a lot of Pasta in Tunisia .
You are the head trainer with GYM 23. Can you tell us more about your work and GYM 23 overall?
I’m lucky to lead one of the best Teams in Europe. My Job is to keep everybody satisfied: Our Customers,Our Fighters, Our Coaches and my Boss
Our Gym is the biggest i Know in Europe, we have a Huge area for Boxing, for Thaiboxing and For MMA, a Ring, a Cage, a Fully Equipped Fitness, Cross Training and a Wellness Area.

Everytime we meet you seem to be bursting with positive energy, how do you do it?
I try my best to stay cool on the outside even when i’m stressed, especially it is important when surrounded with my Team to keep a positive attitude for them to stay Calm and relax before competition.
What is Nebil like when in a bad mood?
It’s been a While but i can go Rampage too and destroy everything around me….. but it’s been a long while thank God
Within GYM 23 you are also a manager, referee and an organizer – which is you favourite?
I enjoy all my Activities to be honest, i like being busy and i still feel i’m at 30% of my abilities.
My favorite part is Working with People and see them improve, especially the Kids.

You led a lot of fighters across the globe. Which organisation made the best impression on you?
The Highest Level we had was at Fight Nights in Russia ! I think the level of the Fighters is as good as the UFC.
Not long ago we saw the birth of another organisation; this one brings together the cream of Austrian promoters among others. Can you tell us more about IMMAF Austria?
That’s really something for the Future, the global goal of IMMAF is to make MMA an Olympic Sport ! I was elected to Lead the Federation in Vienna and our Goal together with the Austrian MMA President Gerhard Ettl is to make MMA a recognized sport by the Austrian Sport Ministry.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Very Funny !!!!
I guess i’m a Thinker, a Genius and Crazy Idiot
In your opinion, what’s the secret of success in martial arts?
Dedication,Hard Work,Talent and Enjoying what you do . It goes for all Sports.
The fighters in GYM 23 are mostly of varied nationalities and religious beliefs, however, unity is felt on every corner. What would happen if somebody stepped out of the line?
We take close look to the People coming to our Gym and don’t let anyone register.
We keep religions and nationalities out of the Sports and we work as a Big Family .

Your career houses many achievements. Which one are you most proud of?
My best Achievements are my Kids, they are the Sunshine that Lights my Life and keeps me motivated to go Forward .
You work with lots of fighters. Any upcoming stars you’d like to point out?
Our Gym is full of talents because we Build we don’t buy !!!
I see everyone in my Team as a Future Star.

In your opinion, what characteristics are required to be a successful fighter?
The same things you need in life. HARD WORK AND DEDICATION, also stay away from negative People is very important.
What virtues must one possess to become your apprentice?
First you have to pay your Membership lol ! To get extra attention from you coach you need to work harder than the rest and most importantly LISTEN !!!
You have two daughters. If any of them decided on martial arts, would you support them of try to turn them away from the sport?
Of Course i will, but i hope not
GYM 23 also handles excellent events called AFC. Can you tell us more about the way preparations for such an event, how do you choose the fighters?

Yes Austrian Fight Challenge is a new Austrian Promotion for Fight Events, we did 4 Big Shows and a New Talent Event for the up and Comers.
It is important to stay Neutral as a Promoter and have Fair Matchmaking and Fair Decisions if not you lose you Credibility and Fighters will not come back to you show.
My advantage as a Matchmaker is that i travel as a coach,i travel as a referee and sometimes i just travel as a fan to see events so i get to see the new talents in the country,i also have made many Friends around the World in so many years and we all keep in touch .

You advice for the youngsters, who wish to train but don’t know how to stars?
Just Train smart and don’t forget to have a Life! If you stop working and stop having friends and a private life just to train you risk to be saturated and underperform and break mentally.
You opinion on illegal substances in sport?
It is banned and should be but it is almost impossible to control 100%, cheaters will always find a way to cheat.
How do you recharge your batteries?
I play PS4 or Watch Stand Up Comedies or my Favorite is Listening to Music.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully with many Fighters in The UFC and Glory, and Personally more holidays in the Sun.
Do you prefer MMA or K1 ?
Stand Up Fighting will always be my Favorite.
What are your goals and wishes?
I want myself and the people around me to be happy and successful
What is your life motto?
Help others but don’t expect nothing back !

Name three things most important in your life.
Family,Career,Good Weather:)
What kind of a man is Nebil in private?
No different,same same,trying to stay out of trouble.
What do you do in your free time?
I love longboarding, Diving and i would love to practice more Snowboarding.
Which fighters from Slovenia do you know, and who do you respect the most?
I know them all that’s my Job
I know both of you Kids,Rok and Lemmy.
Lemmy is the best 66kg in Slovenia for long time.
I like a lot my Brother from Another mother Bor Bratovz, Marko Drmonjic and many others .
The best MMA Fighter now is Uros Jurisic, the best K1 one fighter and i’m a fan of him is Samo Petje.
But my Personal Favorit fighter from Slovenia is Miran Fabjan , he is one of the greatest Warriors i ever Met in my Life.
Before signing of, can you share with us an anecdote from the world of martial arts?
I like the Old martial Arts, i didn’t throw my Karate away but i adapted it to my Kick and Thaiboxing to create an own style of teaching.
If you look back on your career, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
No !
i did many Mistakes and Learned from them !
Any message for our readers in Slovenia?
My First time in Slovenia was at WFC 9 , 7 years ago, the fans are the best in Europe in Ljubljana and very Fair and Friendly !!
Love you all and hope to see you soon.

Thank you and all the best in future


Milan Krušič


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