Nate Diaz wants to fight again


“I got cut in training, that’s why we had to push the fight back,” Diaz told reporters. “And I kinda lost all motivation to train and work out hard and all that. So I kinda just lingered around for a month, getting ready for war like that.

“At the end of the day, I felt like… he won or whatever, but I feel like I’m the better fighter, still, regardless. I feel like the peak of the fight is what matters in the fight, anyway.

“I just kinda winged it. I was just kinda walking through that fight, trying to get to the next point in this whole game. I didn’t feel like I was ever really in any danger.

“Of course, I got cut and that f—ng sucks. But like I said, I was unmotivated in training and I just trying to not use any energy anywhere. I was just cruise controlling.”
“I want to fight in three or four months,” he said. “I’m ready to hop back in there. If I was unscathed, I’ll be back next week. I was just unmotivated to train anymore ‘cause I already put in all the hard work for the last fight in Texas where it was supposed to be. And now I had to linger on for another f—ng month.”


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