Miha Perhavec poražen na Polaris 10

Miha Perhavec poražen na Polaris 10

Tole pa je Miha objavil na svojem FB profilu :
I took a rough loss last night. After a good start I made a mistake in the early part of one of my best sequences (the counter Kimura) and it cost me dearly.

First, I want to congratulate @boogeyman_tfs, he is a class act. Secondly, I want to apologize to everyone that’s invested in me and believed, like I did, that this will be my breakout performance.

When we go out there, we put it on the line and walk out in ecstacy or agony. I’ve lost before, but there’s always an extra sting when it’s not a battle, but a quick loss, where you don’t get to show what you are made of.

However, there’s no tears being shed, I have no excuses. I can’t go back in time and change the result, all I can do is figure out how I’m going to turn this negative experience into a positive one down the road.

PS. I’m flying to Poland today, I’ll be in Warsaw and Poznan, let’s train.

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