Max Rohskopf breaks silence


The 25-year-old already knew big things would eventually come his way, but with the UFC getting back to work, he saw a potentially life-changing opportunity suddenly appear right in front of him.

“We were planning on the Contender Series in August, but with this whole pandemic thing, and with fights being in Vegas, I definitely thought there was a possibility for a short notice fight,” Rohskopf told MMA Fighting on Tuesday. “I tried my best to try and prepare for that, but I had a couple of injuries where I wasn’t able to train as hard as I can.

“Leading up to the fight, I only got to train hard for a couple of days. To me, I don’t think that should matter. I wanted to be a guy, I still want to be a guy that shows up to fight no matter what, regardless of having a camp or any of that sh*t, because I think that’s a little bit overlooked. I was just gonna go with the flow, and just based on how I felt in training, I thought I was ready.”

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