Matt Mitrione : ‘the world need sports in their life’

“I think anytime anyone sees me fight it’s going to be a great experience,” Mitrione told “I think I’m fun, I’m athletic, I’m mobile, I’m long, I’m a striker, and I think I’m a variable to the heavyweight division.

“I’m the anomaly; most people are kind of heavy-footed, plodding, and rock’em-sock’em robots; I think I bring an exciting kind of different perspective to MMA.”

While Mitrione sees merit in all his fights for Bellator, a couple do stand out for different reasons that he feels are worth watching.

“I would say Carl (Seumanutafa, at Bellator 157),” said Mitrione. “I got dropped, and then I had to come out of it, and ended up knocking him out. That was something that showed durability.

“Then I could say Oli Thompson (at Bellator 158) because we were scrapping, and just letting them fly until one of us go, but that was rock’em-sock’em, that wasn’t very athletic or mobile or strategic, it was just letting them go.”

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