Masvidal under investigation for felony battery

Masvidal is said to have struck his former friend and training partner twice in the face as Covington exited a Miami Beach restaurant.

From the sound of things, it seems that Jorge Masvidal may be in some serious trouble after reportedly assaulting former friend, training partner, and Octagon foe Colby Covington outside a Florida restaurant.
Jorge Masvidal ran up on the left side of an unnamed victim, as the person exited the Papi Steak restaurant, and struck them twice, landing blows to the mouth and eye. During the alleged incident, the assailant is said to have told the victim, “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.”

The witness claims that, despite the assailant’s disguise, they recognized the person as Jorge Masvidal from his voice, long hair, and the uncovered upper half of his face. The alleged victim reportedly suffered an “abrasion to his left wrist” and a “a fractured left tooth.”


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