Masvidal responds to Jake Paul’s callout


“[Jorge] Masvidal and Nate Diaz, y’all are some b*tches for leaving this arena,” Paul shouted following his win. “‘Cause I know you don’t want that sh*t. I’ll take out both of y’all next.

“Just get out of your contract with daddy Dana [White] and I’m going to f*ck them up, too.”

“Now to address that little b*tch [Jake Paul], that f*cker,” Masvidal said in his video response. “Listen man, you can’t f*cking afford me. Me and the other names that you mentioned, you can’t afford. I know what you pay. You talk a big game. You say $50 million here, $100 million there, but bullsh*t. If that was the case, [Floyd] Mayweather would have took the f*cking fight with your b*tch ass, but he hasn’t because you don’t generate that type of revenue.

“You’re giving out free tickets. You’ve got street teams giving out free tickets. Who the f*ck are you selling dreams to? You can’t afford me to come over [to boxing].”


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