Massaro Glunder : Live it like you want and keep smiling !!!!

Hello Massaro thank you for your time .

When you are started with martial arts?
I started when i was 10 years young.
You come from a well known family of fighters. Did this influence your decision to dedicate yourself to this sport?
I dont know for sure i started playing soccer when i was 8 years but I always had problems with team sport so i had to do something else so i choose kickboxing.
You train at Mike’s Gym. How are you satisfied with the work and trainings there?
I love it. Were like one big Family overhere. The work and efforts depend on yourself. The teachers can only give class they cannot control how hard fighters train but they can sure make it hard for us .

Now you have become the European W5 Champion. Your feelings?.
I’m happy this is the way it Should be hahah …

Your next goals, ambitions are?
Keep training keep fighting keep winning and try to make as Many Knock-outs ass possible.
Which is the victory in your career so far that you treasure the most?
My very first fight. Because that’s when I came addicted to kickboxing .

What is your life motto?
Live it like you want and keep smiling .
Many people think that martial arts is not a sport at all, but violence. What is your message to those people?
Stop thinking inside the box !!
You are an inspiration to many young people, only starting out in K1. What’s your advice to all young fighters?
If you want to become a great fighter focus on your sport no drugs no alcohol and train hard everyday ! Because hard work pays off !!
If you look back on your career, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
No I just make the best of what I have right now and I’ve got nothing to complain about .
Your next fight is when and where ?
I hope the march the third. In Japan.
Your favorite food is ?
Chocolate if that is not a food I choose for pancakes .
Which fight you remember best ?
My last haha !!!!

What do you do in your spare time, if there is any?
Go to the movies. And gaming.
What is going on in your head when walking to the ring?
That I’m gonna show the crowd I’m the best right now are you focused on the fight.
Is there nervousness and andrenalin?
Every fight it get worse because the fights get more important every single time.
You travel around the world a lot. Can you share some anectdote from your travels?
Bring a pillow of you have a long flight haha and make sure your phone is charged .
Describe yourself in three words?
Is not possible….
Your message to the people of the world ?
Everybody keep following me big things are gonna happen !!


Thank you and all the best !!

Milan Krušič


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