Martin Lewandowski on cancellation of KSW events

“It’s been a very nervous month,” Lewandowski told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast.

“We’ve been looking at the news and trying to figure out something to have a Plan B in case we have to cancel. Unfortunately, we were forced to do that due to the situation in Poland. Everybody, right now, is un isolation and all the massive events were cancelled. We thought that we had an alternative option.

“For example the massive event would be cancelled, so we could do the event without the public. But then, other circumstances were known, like in other countries the coronavirus was becoming very strong so we couldn’t mix fighters from different countries. All of our main events were a mixture of [nationalities], so it was useless to do it. It was pointless, it was too risky in terms of even putting the fighters and the teams close to each other. We decided to cancel KSW 53, KSW 54 is already cancelled and we’re waiting to see if the May show will be on or if we’ll have to cancel or postpone it. We’ll see, I’m watching the news a couple of times a day and trying to figure out what to do next.”

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