Marlon Moraes blasts Jose Aldo


In a scathing interview with’s Damon Martin, Moraes blasted his former foe Aldo and said he has lost all respect for him for some of the comments Aldo made about a “scared” Moraes and his gameplan during their fight.

“Right now, I have no respect for this guy. Zero respect, not for him, not for his team, for how they are acting. At the fight, Aldo took the microphone, he says I want to congratulate you, no big drama. But he goes home and he sees what Henry (Cejudo) says and he changes literally from 0 to 100. From blue to red. Like ‘I won the fight, Marlon was scared, I see his face,’” Moraes said.

“I was not scared. I’ve got 30 fights. I’ve been fighting everyday. I’m not going to be scared. Of course, I’m fighting Aldo, I got a little nervous. Everybody gets a little nervous, but once you get in there, it’s just another body in there. He acts like he accepted (the loss), he talked with me right there, and he goes home and he does an interview and talks all this sh*t. F*ck this guy.”

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