Mark Hunt Trashes Fabricio Werdum


Just days away from his next main event fight against Alexei Oleinik in Russia, Hunt unleashed on Werdum during a media session speaking with reporters on Thursday.

“I’m glad that Fabricio Werdum got caught, that little b–ch.” Hunt said. “Go back to the favelas. F–k you, you little c–t. Good job. He was supposed to be here, but that’s what you get for being weak.

“That’s what you get, Fabricio, for being a weak-minded person. See you later.”

“That guy kneed me in the head in Mexico. I had to lose 21 kilograms in three and a half weeks to make that a title fight,” Hunt said when speaking about his fight with Werdum. “I got kneed in the head by that little cheater. Then he beats Cain [Velasquez] in Mexico. That really upsets me about that guy. Then he wouldn’t fight me – he’s just a cheating little b–ch man.

“He’s a little dog, that guy. See you later, Fabricio. Enjoy, motherf–ker.”

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