Mark Godbeer announces retirement

Bare Knuckle and MMA Heavyweight Veteran Mark Godbeer announces retirement on social media. Full statement :

“The last time I fought was september, fair enough I had a fair payday but that was nearly a year ago (It dont last forever when your a part time rockstar ?), I’ve had 3 big fights cancel this year with yet another let down due to this shitty Corona bollocks,,, Im lucky enough to have a skilled special trade behind me where I can genuinely earn £1500 a week that I am very good at!!! I was promised clarifications yesterday with yet again not even a msg to comply, abit shit if you ask me especially when u lay your life on the line. I have 4 children to support and a simple msg is all it takes to let me know where I’m at… I’m 37 very soon with people that rely on me.. I’ve had a very good run in the fight game with some amazing ups and crazy downs but ive always been true to myself. There does truly come a day where you not only have to think of yourself and my health not just physically but also mentally and also the beautiful creatures i brought into the world.. I have genuinely thought very hard about this decision and with the guidance of coaches and loved ones that have noticed detereations in my mental health its time to move onto the next chapter in life, I will be setting up my floor screeding business once again and getting my head down to provide for my girls. I know some has said they have heard this before but this is my final farewell to the fight world and I’d love to thank you all for being apart of my journey, much love to you all and ffs be happy in a world full of hatred and it will reverse the path. Much love”


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