Logan Paul vows to keep prize-fighting, wants in on MMA


“I’d do MMA, for sure, because I am a good grappler,” said Paul at the post-fight press conference (ht MMA Junkie). You know, I’m a wrestler at heart.”

“Regardless of the performance that was put on tonight, you know, this is my third fight,” added Paul. “Let me get a little good, you know, and then for sure, yeah, I’ll be putting on prizefights. That’s the answer. I’m sure there’s a list of opponents on Twitter, people chirping, saying this, saying that. I’ll pick one. Make them f*cking get embarrassed. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Paul also said that he was happy with his performance against Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of all time. “He’s my second opponent. Floyd Mayweather, my second opponent. And so, yeah, I mean, I’m happy. It’s good. It was good fun.”

“Anytime I can entertain, you know, I’m happy, whether it’s me getting in a boxing ring and risking my life, whether it’s me, you know, getting Stunnered in the WWE preparing for a match there, a podcast – like, I just love entertaining. I just like making people happy, you know, with the stuff that I love doing and what I make and creating myself out of my life, and that’s that’s that’s my dream.”



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