Lobov Reveals Plan To Retire In Two Years

Artem Lobov Reveals Plan To Retire In Two Years

Speaking with Jordan Ellis from LowKick MMA recently, Lobov spoke of his willingness to score an eventual rubber-match with Knight sometime next year but insisted that his career in combat sports is close to its ultimate conclusion.

“Yeah, why not? Wherever the money will be,” Lobov said when asked about his interest in a potential trilogy with Knight. “Whoever offers the paycheck, I mean — I don’t hide it anymore, that’s it, I’m going to fight for two more years and that’s it. I have to try and make as much money as I can. I’m always making sure I’m a good business partner for any promoter that decides to work with me, I never pull out which is great.“

“When you invest so much money and costs into promotion of the fight and then the fighter pulls out, then you have to cancel,” Lobov said. “That’s a big cost and a big risk for any promoter, you know. With me, that risk doesn’t exist. In terms of the fans, they an always expect a great show and an aggressive fight. So people know exactly what they’re gonna get. And I would like to be happy with the paychecks that I get and return. So that’s my plan for the next two years.“



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