KSW will return to the national stadium, the PGE Narodowy

KSW will return to the national stadium, the PGE Narodowy, on June 3 in Warsaw, Poland, with XTB KSW Colosseum 2.

The first event – KSW 39: Colosseum in 2017 – set the record for largest European MMA event in history and second largest of all-time with 57,766 people in attendance. Second only to Pride Shockwave over twenty years ago. As a result, it was a night that has went down as the biggest event in the modern history of MMA.

KSW CEO Martin Lewandowski had the following to say:

“It has been a long time coming. We are finally returning to our ‘Colosseum.’ The last event was one of the most memorable nights ever witnessed both in KSW and MMA in general. Now the time has come for us to write a new chapter. We can expect some massive names to be announced for this event in the coming weeks. I cannot wait and I invite you all to be part of history!”

Tickets are already on sale right now from eBilet: https://www.ebilet.pl/sport/sporty-walki/gala-ksw

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