Karolina Kowalkiewicz : ‘I’m not the same fighter I used to be’

Karolina Kowalkiewicz :
“Congratulations Alexa Grasso, you’ve done a great job,” Kowalkiewicz wrote in Polish (translation acquired by MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin). “Thank you very much everybody for the kind words and support. Don’t worry about me, it could’ve been better, but I’m okay. Bruises on my face are going to heal up soon.”

“I poured my whole heart into my last fight, but something was missing. I’m not the same fighter I used to be. The sad truth is that my best years are already behind me, I’m past prime. There are some young, talented girls, who I need to give up my space to. But don’t worry, I will come back and give you some good fights. Maybe not at the very top, but I will provide you a lot of emotions, just give me a little bit of time. Thank you very much once again!”

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