Jungle Fight 103 in Brazil postponed


Saturday’s Jungle Fight 103 in Brazil postponed due to coronavirus
According to Jungle Fight President, Wallid Ismail, they spoke to government officials and wanted to test everyone in the event, but it would’ve been impossible to complete with the logistics and time constraints.

“It is a matter of social responsibility,” ismail said in the announcement (via AG Fight). “Initially, we were planning to hold the event without an audience and conduct tests on everyone involved with the event. But since many people were coming from outside the state, there would be no way to do the tests and have a result before the event, since it takes about 48 hours to get the report. So, in order to contain this coronavirus advance, we decided to postpone (Jungle Fight 103).

According to the announcement, depending on the course of the pandemic, they want to reschedule the event on the last weekend of April, or May.

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