Jorge Masvidal : ‘I’ve lost that step’


Even if Jorge Masvidal had beaten Gilbert Burns, he would have retired at UFC 287.

“I still would have been like, ‘Thank you everybody for the victory. But this is not like me at my best,’” Masvidal said Monday on The MMA Hour.
“Well, guess what? I got to the fight camp with virtually no injury,” he said. “It was like literally one of my best fighting camps that I had. So training wise, it wasn’t like I had an excuse like, my ankle was messed up, so I couldn’t get in my road work that I usually do. No, it was like a perfect one. So there was no excuse there.”

“And I could be a sore loser like that, because it’s been 20 years. Sounds like I’m a sore loser, right? But it’s been 20 years, and I don’t feel like it. … I saw these three punches, and like nothing happened. Now, it’s like I’m thinking way too much. When I fire back, they’re not there no more.”



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