Jones Reacts to Daniel Cormier Relinquishing LHW Title


Even still, Daniel Cormier made the decision earlier today (Dec. 28) to relinquish the light heavyweight championship. Speaking to ESPN soon after Cormier’s decision was reported, Jon Jones reacted to the news:

“It’s the smart thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do,” Jones said. “My opinion of that is, you never were the champ. I think he knows that in his spirit. He never beat me. You never beat me. You actually lost to me twice.

“So relinquishing the belt, it’s just like, it wasn’t really ever his belt. I think in the fans’ eyes, they know, that that’s been Jon Jones’s belt…since 2011. If it wasn’t, why would you relinquish it? Why would you not fight or make a stink about it? He’s given it up because he knows the rightful owner of it is here. I feel like he knows that he won’t beat me. And so he’s making it look honorable by retiring. It’s like being an NFL player retiring before being cut. It’s kid of a similar thing.”

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