Jones Issues Challenge: ‘I’m Waiting for You’


Later on, Bones replied to Adesanya’s comments with a series of tweets, ending with him challenging Adesanya to fight in 2021.

Jones tweeted, “Sitting with tens of millions of dollars, children on fire about Jesus Christ, one of the greatest martial artist and world history. Sure my mom is disappointed why you mad bro?”

Jones, who has done a lot of community work in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the CARE Project, tweeted “My mother was an amazing humanitarian. I know for a fact that the care project makes her more proud than anything I’ve done in the UFC.”

Bones continued, “Izzy thanks for giving me the opportunity to highlight my amazing mother this afternoon, now I’m just missing her. Are we still on for 2021?”

Jones tweeted, “Will fight me at any weight you said right?”

Bones then wrote, “I called bullshit, I’m waiting for you. The world is waiting.”

Adesanya replied with conviction, writing, “Jon Jones with the burn…ouch. Listen crispy cream, it’s still 2020. 2021 soon come. You’ll get this work.”


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