Johnny Walker Plans To Become Two-Weight Champion

Speaking exclusively to LowKickMMA, Walker promised he’d be committing 100 percent to becoming a multi-weight MMA champion and creating a good life for his family, he said.

“My main goal is to be champion in two categories. Once I get the belt at light-heavyweight I’m going to go to heavyweight and get another belt. It just needs time and I will be there. This is my goal. I don’t want to keep fighting for too long. I want to retire before my forties maybe like 37 or something like that. This is my opportunity to get a good life for my family. I want to invest 100 percent of my time to get this belt and get this championship.”

“At this level, it doesn’t matter if you just knock people out. You have to find a way to win and I understand this. Nobody wants to exchange punches with me because I’m a striker and I kill people if I hit them.

“Nikita Krylov is a karate guy, he knocks people out and he doesn’t try to knock me out, he just hugged me and controlled me won the ground and he won the fight. So, I have to be smart like that. In my next fight, I’m going to be smart. I’m going to keep my style, but if I need, I’m going to take people down. I’m going to hold people down and win by points. People are doing this with me, and they won, so I should do the same.

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