John Kavanagh :I dont understand why McGregor vs. Poirier isn’t for UFC title


John Kavanagh :

“I don’t really get why this one isn’t for the title, if I’m being 100 percent honest.” Kavanagh said when speaking to The Mac Life ahead of McGregor’s return in January. “Maybe it’s Dana, this is a little carrot towards Khabib ‘do you really want this guy [to have it?].’ I don’t know. I know there’s stuff, the games that go on, I don’t involve myself in it.

“But this to me feels like it’s for the belt. But I guess at the very least the winner of this will be offered a title fight but who would that be against? It’s a bit of a strange scene we have in front of us, which makes it interesting.”
“Right now, we have a very exciting fight coming up in a couple of weeks’ time,” Kavanagh said. “I think 2021, regardless of what’s next for Conor, is going to be an exciting year. He seems to be in a very different mindset than I’ve seen him in a long time.

“Conor tends to be all in no matter what he’s doing and he’s all in on following a routine and training a certain way and eating a certain way and he’s got all sorts of ideas about different competitions and different things he can do for the next year and I’m just happy to be playing a small part.”




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