Joe Rogan: ‘Well, that saves me a lot of thinking’

Joe Rogan:

“I think they made probably a risk assessment and then they made a calculation of what the negative aspects of going against government regulations, in terms of state government, would be. They’re probably like, ‘We can’t do this.’”

Rogan said he understands Dana White’s determination to carry on with events, but from a personal perspective was mainly concerned with the consequences of what would happen if he were to contract the virus, and how he would contain it.

“I was hesitant,” he admitted. “I was like, ‘Hmm, I really want to go.’ I was leaning towards going but I’m like, I don’t want to hear it from people who don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m not interested in putting myself at risk, but my real concern was how do I know if I contract it and then I bring it back? How am I gonna know? So the only way I’d be able to do it is to do it, and then be in quarantine until I get tested. I’m like, ‘Oh, Jesus Christ. I wanna find out.’”

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