Joe Rogan on Ben Askren Coming to the UFC: ‘Everybody’s In Trouble’


Joe Rogan says everybody needs to be paying attention because the game just changed.

“Everybody’s in trouble,” Rogan said on his podcast when speaking about Askren coming to the UFC. “There’s a lot of motherf–kers in trouble if Ben Askren gets a hold of you. You’re like ‘why can’t I get up?’.”

“There’s a reason why he’s undefeated and he hasn’t been hit in several fights,” Rogan said about Askren. “I had him on the podcast cause I wanted to let people know about him. I’ve been a big fan of Ben Askren’s from back when he was a Bellator champion.

“If you watch his fights in Bellator against [Andrey] Koreshkov and [Douglas] Lima — Lima’s a beast and he just dominated him. Lima f–ks people up, Lima’s a dangerous, dangerous cat and Ben Askren was like ‘whoops you’re on your back again, you can’t get up and you’re taking punches’. It’s just a different caliber of wrestling.”

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