Jared Cannonier: I expect the best Anderson Silva !!!!

Jared Cannonier:

“That would be a golden feather in my cap,” Cannonier said when speaking to MMAWeekly. “Not only will it just be good for my resume, it will be good for my career. It will open up so many doors. Open up double doors for me.
“It will put me in a position where I want to be in. Where I can make a boat load of money.”

“I expect the best Anderson Silva that anybody has ever seen,” Cannonier said. “A lot of people say he’s older, he’s had the injuries and all that stuff but we can’t get around the fact that he has been training and fighting at the highest level this whole time. When you’re in that position you can’t stay the same. He’s still here. He’s still very relevant.

“He’s not top five but rankings don’t matter. Rankings are how somebody else feels about you. How he feels about himself and how I feel about him, he’s really dangerous. He’s even more dangerous than before.”

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