Jacob the bull Brown : I like to be treated like i treat others !!

Dear readers,
today’s interview is conducted with a youngster whose future martial arts career is undoubtedly a bright one. Jacob Brown is a talent on his way to the top.
For you, here is Jacob the bull Brown !!
Hello Jacob, for starters, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi my name is Jacob Brown. aka JacobTHEBULLBrown.

When did you start with martial arts?
I started martial arts at 6.
Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, brave,funny .

What are your goals and wishes?
I want to make alot of money & a black belt in jiujitsu even compete in the ufc..

In your opinion, what’s the secret of success in martial arts?
The secret of success in martial arts is focus, determination, commitment and respect for other fighters.not just gold medals.

How do you recharge your batteries?
I recharge my batteries by eating good and good sleep.

Your career so far houses many achievements. Which one are you most proud of?
Im most proud of my 2017 ibjjf pan kids win because my division was full and i had hard fights and won gold for the 2nd time world champion.

In your opinion, what characteristics are required to be a successful fighter?
The character that keeps me successful is believing in myself staying calm when i get nervous in competition.

What is your life motto?
Staying humble always. My motto is i like to be treated like i treat others, kind.
If you look back, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
If i can change something in my past, it would be the time i was scared when i got bullied before i started training .


Where and with whom do you train?
I train under the Mendes bros bjj, and boxing at wild card boxing club.in California.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself in the ufc one day and have my own gym too in 10 yrs.

What kind of a kid is Jacob in private?
In private, im just a chill joyful exciting , jokester, and all about my family.

What do you do in your free time?
Some video game playing, skateboarding at the skate park.
Watching prank videos on Yutube. and yea some more jiu-jitsu..


What is your favourite food?
I like to eat rice, beans,chicken. favorate puerto rican food .
Any message for our readers in Slovenia?
My message to the readers is i want to make a difference in martial arts and i thank everyone who has supported me and follows my social media , also i hope to inspire other kids to join martial arts and become great !
And thank the people of Slovenia for reading this article and Milan Krusic for writing this article.

Jacob the bull Brown in action :

Pic credits Jacob Brown facebook
Thank you for your time and all the best in future

Milan Krušič

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