Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao both release statements on altercation

The altercation between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao that took place backstage at the last Who’s Number One event is one of the biggest things to happen in professional grappling in recent years. It’s no surprise then that a lot of attention has been paid to both of the parties involved in the incident and how they’ve chosen to respond to the attention that has been cast upon them, both positive and negative.

Gordon Ryan was the first to speak out about it and appeared to show no remorse for slapping Galvao in his statement. Instead, he went on the attack and launched into a lengthy criticism both of Galvao and several key members of ATOS, past and present. On the other side, It took almost a week for Galvao to gather his thoughts and respond, with his statement being essentially an explanation, an apology, and a message of forgiveness.

By Alex Lindsey


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