Glover Teixeira: ‘People are dying,


Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Glover Teixieira has an altruistic take when it comes to the current coronavirus pandemic.
In an interview with Combate, Teixeira points out he will also lose money from having his gym shut down because of the pandemic, but he puts safety and public health ahead of that. He thinks he is sacrificing for something bigger: people’s lives.

“I’m honestly not financially concerned right now, even though it’s setting me back. Lots of people are dying, it’s really sad, one of the worst things. It’s like a war. It would be unfair for me to complain about losing money. It’s setting me back, of course, my gym is closed, I’m still paying my employees, but it’s something I can’t complain about. If you have a roof over your head, food to eat, you can’t complain about a situation like this. It’s the kind of situation where I wish it goes back to normal as soon as possible, especially because I want to fight again, but what’s going on right now is so sad.”

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