GLORY goes into receivership.


Even under the best circumstances, combat sports promotion is a difficult and uniquely challenging business. The pandemic-prompted need for quarantine and social distancing has and will continue to impact business of every size, in every industry. We are sorry to hear that among those facing these challenges are our friends at GLORY.

Launched in 2012, GLORY is now recognized globally as the premier kickboxing league. Over the course of 75 events GLORY provided a world-wide fan base with stand-up fighting at the highest level; legendary fighters competing on the sport’s greatest stage. ISKA began working with GLORY in 2013 and has been privileged to sanction, supervise and/or officiate more than 60 events featuring many of the world’s best combat sports athletes contesting some of history’s most compelling bouts.

It has been reported that Glory’s parent company has gone into receivership, a court-appointed tool which may be used as a step in a company’s restructuring process, with the goal of returning the company to profitability. We are hopeful that they will be successful in restructuring and that their appreciative audience can look forward with optimism to a future filled with GLORY.

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