Georges St-Pierre wishes Khabib Nurmagomedov well after ‘perfect career’


Among them was former UFC welterweight champion and UFC middleweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, who was watching closely as part of the UFC’s French broadcast team.

“I was surprised,” St-Pierre told ESPN moments after the fight. “I was not expecting that at all. … I thought he wanted to do, and all the people in the media said he wanted to do 30-0. That’s his choice. What a great way to finish a career. He left an incredible legacy. One of the best to have ever done it – maybe the best to have ever done it.”

“It did not happen,” St-Pierre said. “I’m good where I am. Khabib is invincible now. He’s undefeated. It was a perfect career. There’s nothing we can say bad about him. It’s a perfect career, like 29-0 and you retire on top with the best performance of his career. What do you want more? It was incredible. It was a perfect fight in a perfect career – as close as it gets.

“… I always see an athlete taking too many fights. … That’s something I really don’t wish (on) someone. Khabib did an amazing decision (to retire). Like everything in life, everything has a beginning and has an end. The life of a professional athlete, even an elite athlete, has a window. If we fight past that window, that’s when the problems arrive and appear.

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