Gable Steveson : Dana White, you have my number’


Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson might just be the biggest free agent in combat sports today, which is why he’s being pursued by several high-profile promotions. But he’s not chasing after anybody — and that includes the UFC.

“Meeting did not happen,” Steveson revealed on The MMA Hour. “I got to Vegas and I was on the go the whole day. I had no time to reach out or nothing. I don’t know. He’s got my number, he can reach out. He’s not coming at me like that. So like I said, I’ll wait my turn.

“Dana, you have my phone number, you have my Instagram. I don’t run to people. I do my job. I wrestle, I win championships. I put on for the university. I put on for the USA. No need for me to run anywhere.”


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