Dricus du Plessis: ‘Come and show me how you drag my carcass around’


Of course, du Plessis is happy to give him the chance.

“For him saying that, does he think I’m scared of him?” du Plessis said on The MMA Hour. “I am not scared of that man? The fact that he put some threats out there, obviously he’s forgotten, because I don’t take kindly to threats. Over here, it doesn’t work like that. If you want to make threats, come and show me. Come and show me how you drag my carcass around. I would love to see you try.

“And like I said in that message: UFC Africa is far away from being done. It’s probably going to happen next year. I don’t want to wait that long. I will beat him this year, and after that fight, if he still feels like he has all this power over me and he’s trying to intimidate me, that’s good. Then come to Africa next year, and we’ll fight for the belt in a rematch where I’m the champion. Because that fight’s not happening this year, and he does not scare me. Not one little bit.”



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