Dominic PAINLESS Schober : I want to go to the top !!!


Hello Dominic and thank you very much for your time.
Hello Mr. Krusic thank you for interviewing me, it is really a pleaqsure
How old were you when you first started training martial arts?
• I was 18,5 when I start martial arts
What excited you about martial arts?
• The opportunity to learn new things in sports and to see what your body is really capable of.
• Also the feeling of equality, when you are training with someone, it doesn’t matter from where you come from or what is your profession, everyone is equal. And it is just the techniques that can make you ‘‘visible‘‘
Why exactly did you choose MMA ?
• I´m a huge boxing fan, but when I tried wrestling for the first time, I felt emidiatly in love and understood that I want to become a professional MMA fighter
How old were you when you first stepped in the ring?
• 3 moths after I started training, so I was still 18 years old
You are an inspiration to many young people only starting out in MMA. What’s your advice to all young fighters?

Fighting is not just a sport or money maker, it´s a lifestyle, part of yours life, feeling in your blood. Be humbled, disciplined and listen to your coach. It should be not only your job, but also your passion.
How did you get the nickname PAINLESS?
In my first fight i had not really much idea of what is really going on. But, despite, of all the punches, and there was a lot. I still stood on my feet, like i feel no pain. And also because i´m a little crazy too 😉
Which is the victory in your career that you treasure the most?
• I can´t answer this question yet, because there is many fights that I value and mean a lot to me. Every fight has its own memories and values. And there is still many yet to come.
Do you look for a particular rematch?
• Not really, I never look back. I have some other plans with new opponents. And even more motivation.
In your opinion, what’s the secret of success in martial arts?
• Number 1 is, of course, passion, you need to love what you do. Then, of course, self confidence and techniques.
Many people think that martial arts are not a sport at all, but just violence. What is your message to those people?
• Of course, it is also violence, you can not hide it. But it is not aggression, that’s something different. And of course it is a sport. A very difficult one. It is an art of your body. The power of your body. We train everyday 2 times, 5 to 7 times a week. We go through hell for the weight cut and to come in shape, but this is behind the scenes, so nobody, actually sees it.
Austria has many excellent fighters competing in some of the best organisations. What are the reasons behind this?
• I think it is the motivation and believing in yourself. Also a big step for the Austrian MMA career was the success of Aleks Rakicin the ufc. Everbody saw that you can succeed in the everything, if you really want it.

Describe yourself in three words ?
• Self confident brave warrior
What your opinion on referee trickeries and manipulations?
• I think in general it´s hard to be a referee and to make this job good, because sometimes the escallations are really fast. “ justlet the guys fight”
Which fight do you remember best?
• My lost in Moscow against Khiramagomedov, unfortunatelly
What is your life motto?
• Enjoy every day as if it the last and continue to believe in yourself
What are your goals and wishes?
• To be champion in a big organization and live a happy life with my family
Do you have some more fights in future?
• Yes I have 2 fights with BRAVE and there I want to go to the top
How do you recharge your batteries?
• I like to go for a walk in the nature and also traveling. And when I don´t have a fight I need sometimes a good party 😉
What’s your opinion on the use of prohibited substances in sports?
• Don’t do it! It wont get you anywhere.
If you look back, would you change anything or decide otherwise?
• Honestly I made a lot of mistakes and still I‘m still not on the right track with all, but everything has a reason. And when I look back I see a lot of good and bad moments. That’s the way of life and I love my life

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
• Uff that´s a hard question  Of course I want to be a successful MMA fighter, but also I want to be happy man. And to live happily with my family.
What kind of a man is Dominic in private?
• Hahahhah that is not for adults  (Joke). When I was young I was a big stupid idiot and made a lot of useless troubles. With time and sport, I became more calm and smarter. Now i´m working in a nightclub to earn money, to give the best for my career and try to build a good future with my girlfriend. And please don´t ask her, because she will say I´m a princess hahahahahah
What is your favouritefood ?
• This list is to long, I love food!
• Perhaps a message for our readers in Slovenia?
• I was a few times in Slovenia, it is a very beautiful country, with beautiful old architecture and full of green nature around. Also the native people were very friendly. I would like to thank everyone for reading this interview and putting your interest in me. My message would be: stay positive, believe in yourself, make sports and watch MMA.

Thank you for your time and all the best in future
• Milan Krušič


Photo credits : Rene Bakody and Bobypix

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