Dion Staring : Stay safe !!

Hello Dion

1.How does the Covid 19 situation affect you and how do you deal with it?
Its effect me. My gym is closed and the government don’t allow us to work. So no money
2.Many have adjusted their training, how did you attune your activities?
I can train in my own gym but I can train only alone. So I can lift weights and punch on a bag.

3.What’s you view on the virus, how should we continue?
I don’t know. It’s seems in the netherlands it’s going the right direction
4.What is your day in self-isolation like?
I train, walk with the dogs and I do some small carpenter chores at home or in the gym

5.Any message to our readers?
Stay safe and hopefully we can continue or normal life’s again

Thank you for this conversation and good luck.
Milan Krušič

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