Didier Le Borgne : Keep confident And STAY AT HOME !

Hello Didier

How does the Covid 19 situation affect you and how do you deal with it?
As everyone, Covid 19 affect me.
Lockdown changes our habits, our way of life, our relationships. I am satisfied with a sporty state at home in order to keep my body in good condition. For the rest, I have a little more time to read, review videos of past fights, but above all it allowed me to spend time in video chat with many more people, longtime friends with whom I didn’t have time to converse.

Many have adjusted their training, how did you attune your activities?

Personally I respect the lockdown, so I train at home. I live in a little 3 stairs condominium.

Everyday 30 minutes of jumping ropes, 40 to 50 times the 3 stairs running… pushups, squats, crush and many many stretching. And this week I start again shadow boxing.

What’s you view on the virus, how should we continue?

Honestly I read many things about; I’m not a scientist, so I try to get my informations only from competent people and I eliminate all fake news. Even doing this I’m full of doubts, I realize that I am helpless (not only me unfortunatly), I realize that I growed and lived thinking that I had the control of my life, of my choices… and today I must reconize that’s it’s not like that. We are so weak and not prepared in front of this kind of situation… it’s a very frustrating feeling. It’s not confortable at all for the present situation but also if we have to think at the future. I think the world will get an economical chaotic situation… it will be a “before” and an “after” covid 19.

What is your day in self-isolation like?

I wake up little bit later than usual, at 7.30… give a watch at news and my own messages.

Take breakfast and shower.

Write some answers to my messages, send some to my loved people and go for 01.30 hour of physical activities as I wrote first.

Lunch and read some books, I still have 2 to read, after these I’ll have to read again the old ones.

One movie on tv

Some fights on internet


Video chat

TV serie or a book again

And good night
What does this hiatus from competition mean to you?
I think it will be very difficult to start again… it will be difficult for organisers, promotors to find money to organise.

Many gyms will close, bankrupt.

Trainers and fighters (me too) will have to find an other job, maybe for short time. It should be a great mistake to think that everything will be likes before just after the end of lockdown.

Still, it seems that some don’t take the situation seriously enough?
I recognize that in january, myself, I didn’t thought it could be like that… I thought it wss an other kind of flu, nothing more. I was wrong of course anf I understood that the situation was so worst that I could think. Also because I have friends all around the world, I can get informations in live… better than tv news.

Since 4 weeks now, I respect the lockdown, and I’m so disappointed by people comportment, especially in south Italy or in France… people are so egoist and stupid. It’s cultural.

For exemple, Norway everybody respect the lockdown, they have an intelligent civic culture and can a positive perspective of the situation.
Any message to our readers?


Keep confident, change your view of the world, give a look at your neighbours, maybe they need help… move at home, train your brain, read… switch off tv, 90% of tv programs is bullshit…

Keep confident

Thank you for this conversation and good luck.
Milan Krušič

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